About the Author

About the Author

Carlie Lawson - Business Owner, Hazards Researcher, Model, Writer

The Short Version

Carlie Lawson writes about technology, mobile and online video, entertainment, sports and fashion. She wrote for JollyJo.tv, Keysian and Movitly for a combined seven years. A former newspaper journalist, she now mostly ghost writes for her clients via her company, Powell Lawson Creatives. Invalid Inputs is her first independent, formal blog. She earned BAs in Journalism and Film & Video Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She also earned her Master of Regional & City Planning at OU. She has worked as a model since she was 17.

The Longer Version

Okay, this is the unpro sounding, yeah, I wrote this version - the one fueled by upteen cups of coffee. If you ever see me without coffee, it's not me. Someone just looks like me.

So, the long version starts with Charlie and Orgla (my parents) falling head over heels in love. They married, slayed business (my mama) and grad school (my dad). He became a minister and she became the church pianist and in a few missions or churches, the Sunday School director or women's leader. They had my older sister and totally planned to have their second child (me) a couple of years later. God had other ideas.

God has a sense of humor. He waited. And waited. And waited. Just when they thought they would only have one child and they had everything in hand and the house almost to themselves again, boom! Mama thought she had entered menopause. But, wait. Right age, wrong medical issue. Mama got pregnant with me.

Handily, they already had a babysitter. (Just a note to parents with kids with a wide age gap between them: "Take your little sister with you." is not what you want to say to the nearly grown kid.) I attended MY first college party before I was out of kindergarten. It was fun. I had someone to talk to finally. (The parents both had high IQs and popped out kids with them. Mine hit Mensa level by kindergarten.) So, that REALLY short kid from those Coker College or College of Charleston parties? That was me. Thank you to the owner of Chris's Sub Shop for always bringing out the milk crate, so I could see to play pinball with the big kids.

Mama taught us to read early. They both loved music, as did my sister. (She is more into Farmville now.) Mama loved classical, daddy loved country and my sis loved classic rock. I will pass on the country music. I grudgingly like a handful of songs. My playlist consists of classical, classic rock, heavy metal, punk, jazz and some blues. Mama played classical piano. She taught big sis, but I was determined "to rock." I learned guitar. Everybody sang.

My parents sent me to prep school. (Wretch.) I conned them into public school by high school. It was the AP classes and music program that got them to see my side.

Despite suffering through a puberty longer than God should allow, I started modeling in high school. Those first couple of years were ALL makeup. Seriously. Puberty was a train wreck. Picture a ten or eleven year old girl or boy (because we all looked the same then). I am a tomboy and it showed then. I had a short, boy hair cut. And one morning, I woke up to find I had mammary glands. I was 11. I don't know a thing about training bras because I woke up to 36Bs from flat. So, imagine an 11 year old with grown woman breasts.

Puberty sucks. Because: everything. Suddenly, I went from rosy cheeked kid to WTF? I could not buy enough Clearsil. Boys have it easier because y'all don't suddenly develop the abilty to make babies. That, too, happened at 11.

Add to that coke bottle glasses and a need for braces. It was an utter train wreck. It lasted until college. My freshman year, my then bestie took a pic of me and I realized the worst was over. My hair looked cute. My skin had cleared. I had finally had a couple of height growth spurts. When it started at 11, I was your normal height 11 year old. It took until I was 18 to reach my current height. (Girls out there going through it now. Your mama is right. It really will be okay. I know that doesn't help when you just want to look perfect for prom, but you are totally going to rock college parties.) So, when people see my first headshot, just think, "God bless that makeup artist."

I went through my wild stage. My party stage. My flaky stage. I combined them and finished those stages in about two years - from 17 to 19. I quit high school in SC. Modeled. Ahem, partied. Got in trouble. Grew the fuck up. Moved to Oklahoma from Chicago. Went back to high school. Finished the fuck up and went to college at University of Oklahoma. I used to blow off school and cut classes in high school. It was boring. Then I grew up and got addicted to learning. So, after a couple of BAs, I stuck around for a Master's.

I am nerdy in the following areas:

  • Film and Video Studies (BA)
  • Journalism & Mass Communication (BA)
  • Regional & City Planning (Master's).
I am currently looking at schools for my Ph.D. because I can never be too nerdy.

You might guess, I am always on my grind. I only rock with those who act the same. I don't hangout. I work. I build my businesses, Powell Lawson Consulting and Powell Lawson Creatives. Ph.D. applications take time and effort. It stands at about the same time investment as responding to a RFP.

I fell in love with trail running and mountain biking along the way through life. I love to shop... for new trail shoes and bike tires. I have an extensive collection of workout wear. On rainy days, I choose aerobics.

I like people who slay everyday. It is my goal morning through night. Currently, I am traveling in central Oklahoma. I just finished up five years of living in a cabin in the woods on the side of a mountain doing weather research in November 2018. My plan is to use the study as the basis for my dissertation.

I hope this blog entertains and educates people. I want to share what I learn.

My folks reared educated kids who turned out a lot like them. Charlie and Orgla stayed on their grind, always shined, loved music, exercise and the outdoors. That's me, too. Proud to be like them in some ways, different in others.

BTW, I live by two life mottos:

  • Vaffanculo!
  • Don't fuck with me. I fuck back MUCH, MUCH harder.

At least I give people fair warning. (My sis would add, "Mama didn't.") I believe in honesty and extreme loyalty. I don't waste time. I stay on my grind. Don't interrupt that.

Y'all have a nice day now!

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Why, yes, I did used to have an Instagram called "Snarky but Sweet." I also used to have one called "Living in Hope and Love." NO, the posts did NOT refer to anyone in Oklahoma or South Carolina.

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I have this thing for memes. Jen Ludek used to joke about it. It isn't a joke. She was being serious (for once). These IGs simply collect some of my favorite memes by topic. I can't (and won't) claim credit for a thing except thinking they are funny or on point. (Random Nick Diaz pics you don't recognize are photo credit to Nick. (Long story.)

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