Snazzy Shopping Finds

I shop rarely. I work often. When I shop, I want to share cool finds.

In the past week and a half, I found some of the cutest things and I had to share.

Nothing cost more than $10.

Magnetic leather pen holder from Heyrtz Laptop Bags, $7.99

It's a two pack sold on Amazon. They both live on  refrigerators - one in the kitchen, the other on the mini-fridge by my desk. These make it SO handy to grab a pen for writing down grocery items. I found a 10% off coupon on Dealspotr.

Football bowls, shaped like a football from the Dollar Tree that just opened up next to Casady Square. For real, these adorable bowls were $1 for a pair.

But wait. Because they had all this football themed stuff and I picked up this wastebasket, too. Yes, I am a grown woman, but one who LOVES football. I mean, I sleep in a football jersey, so this has my heart. It cost a whole $1. Also, from the Dollar Tree.

I am eating my popcorn out of this popcorn tub while watching "Friday Night Lights." (Man, that show really holds up.) It was another Dollar Tree find. $1.

I know. I sound like I moved into DT. I went in for washi tape because if you scrapbook, that IS the place for washi. You get a pack of five for a buck. That is a bargain.

The frosted candle holders came from the Dollar General about a block from 1492. I went in for detergent and damn if I didn't walk out with these two frosted glass candle holders. $2 each.

This is what happens when you wander the aisles instead of just zipping to the thing you went in to get. I promise, if I see Coach on sale, I will report it here.  Same with Land's End. In the meantime, explore the unknown. Okay, explore dime stores and Amazon. You can find awesometastic little things. And the little things mean a lot.


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